Our school’s staff and families work together to ensure our school environment remains a safe and healthy place for children and staff including:

Healthy Staff and Children

  • All staff and children will have their temperature checked three times a day. Once when entering, lunch time, and afternoon.
  • Monthly COVID-19 testing for all staff.
  • No staff, child, or parent may come to school if they are feeling sick. No one should enter the school if you or your child has a fever or has had a fever in the last 24 hrs. or has a cough. (Show Details)
  • Everyone is required to wear a face covering while working or visiting our preschool.
  • For onsite students, if your child has a face covering, we would like to encourage them to bring and wear it in school as part of our efforts to maintain a healthy and safe environment for all. If you do not have a face covering we will provide one for your child if you would like your child to wear one. (It is not mandatory that children under 6 wear face coverings.) If you do not wish to have your child wear a face covering please write a note to inform your child’s teacher.
  • We are encouraging children to wear face shields outside during playground time.
  • We will be practicing social distancing as much as possible but understand that is difficult for young children.


  • 學校所有的員工和小朋友每天都會被檢查三次體溫。
  • 全體員工每個月接受新冠病毒的檢測。
  • 如果您或您的孩子覺得身體不舒服,請待在家裡休息!
  • 所有人只要進入學校都會被要求戴口罩。學校也鼓勵來上學的小朋友戴口罩上學,一起維持學校健康且安全的環境。(我們不會強迫六歲以下的孩子們一定要戴口罩)
  • 我們鼓勵孩子們在學校操場遊玩時戴面罩。
  • 我們會持續遵守及落實政府社交距離的要求。



  • There will be hourly and daily cleaning and sanitizing regime of materials and frequently touched surfaces.
  • Shelves, door handles, bathrooms, and water carts among other things will be cleaned throughout the day.
  • Professional companies regularly disinfect school facilities.
  • 學校會持續嚴格的進行每天的消毒工作以及不斷地和孩子們宣導防疫觀念與措施。
  • 我們每天都會清潔和消毒櫃子、門把、桌面、廁所、放水壺的小推車及教具等。


Classroom and Child’s Materials教室和教具要求

  • Each child will have a cubby for their own work rug and a pencil box/bag that you provide (that should include pencils, crayons, colored pencils, eraser, glue sticks, and scissors) for their personal use only. They will also have a cubby for extra clothing and bedding boxes.
  • Each week, parents will be asked to take their child’s pencil box, bedding box, lunch mat, work rug, and hat home for cleaning.
  • Each child will have their own clean and labeled shelf with specially set up Montessori teaching materials and jobs for them to use throughout the week. Each week the staff will deep clean and sanitize and set up new materials and jobs for each child. The Montessori materials on the personally set up shelf will include jobs from each of the areas of the classroom – Practical Life, Language, Math, Sensorial, Culture/ Geography.
  • 每個孩子們都有一個屬於自己放工作毯和鉛筆盒的抽屜櫃,也會有另一個可以放備用衣服和寢具用品的抽屜櫃。請家長替孩子們準備一個裡面裝有鉛筆、蠟筆、彩色鉛筆、橡皮擦、膠水、剪刀的鉛筆盒。
  • 請家長每一週把孩子的鉛筆盒、寢具用品、午餐墊、工作毯和帽子帶回家清潔。
  • 教室裡的櫃子都掛有小朋友的名牌,老師們每一週都會為他們設計只屬於他們使用的蒙特梭利教具。老師們會每週給他們換新的一組教具並且做深度清潔。每個孩子每週使用的教具包含日常生活區、語言區、數學區、感官區以及地理文化區。