Little Tree Montessori International School is a Montessori bilingual immersion school. Our mission is to embrace and use the Montessori teaching philosophy and methods in a dual language (Mandarin and English) environment to nurture each child’s natural curiosity and life-long love for learning. We encourage each child to learn two or more languages, take risks, ask questions, and not be afraid of failure. It is our goal to teach inner values, build self-confidence, and celebrate cultural diversity. As an international school, we are committed to establishing a multi-cultural community in which people share their rich cultural heritage, including their languages and traditions.

Our mission is to promote the Montessori teaching philosophy in a bilingual immersion environment while celebrating cultural diversity, nurturing moral and ethical values, and building self-confidence within our multi-cultural community of children, their families, and staff. We believe in and work toward learning about and engaging in respect toward ourselves and others, a sense of personal responsibility, developing generosity and charity toward the larger community, and international awareness.


Little Tree Montessori International School’s philosophy has always been one that acknowledges and respects the uniqueness of each child. Our teachers are here to assist your child and help them overcome any obstacles in the learning process. Our goal is to develop a strong sense of self-confidence and self-esteem in each child, as we believe a child’s confidence comes from experiencing success. Additionally, the following points help form the foundation of our beliefs:

We embrace the fundamental principles of Montessori education, its curriculum, materials and environment.
We create a stimulating and innovative learning atmosphere to foster independence, creativity, and personal responsibility in our children.
We teach acceptance, understanding, and mutual respect while providing an academic curriculum that emphasizes experiential hands-on learning and problem solving skills.


Our vision is to embrace the uniqueness of the whole child and nurture their creativity, independence, cooperation, and joy of life-long learning in a bilingual immersion Montessori School.